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Joe's Brook

Stretch: Harvey Hollow to Brook Hill Rd
Difficulty: Class IV to IV+
Distance: 5.8 miles
Flows: No gauge. Medium was ~350 cfs.
Gradient: 104 fpm
Put-in: Peacham Rd Bridge
Take-out: Brook Hill Rd Bridge
Shuttle: 8.6 miles (20 minutes one way)
Season: Spring from rain. Needs a lot of water.. dam release that only follows rain events
Written: © 2015
Featured in A Wet State #99 and in A Wet State's contribution to World Kayak's Video Guide

Mi 0-0.65 Mi 0.65: Mi 1.3: Mi 1.3-5.0: Mi 3.0: Mi 5.0: Mi 5.7:

For more details on the run, see the AW write-up...

Take-out: From St. Johnsbury, VT, head south on US-5 and follow it for 6.1 miles to Joe's Brook Rd. You can take out down here if you want, or continue up 1.4 miles to Brook Hill Rd and park just after turning onto the road (at the bridge).

Put-in: There are various put-ins for this run too. You can extend it by several miles by putting in futher up. But we inspected it and it looked mostly mellow, so that with our time constraints we opted to put in at the Harveys Hollow Rd Bridge. Though now that I am looking at a map again, I think we took the long way. We went up Joe's Brook, crossing the river and continuing for a total of 5.4 miles before turning left at a very sharp turn onto Greenbanks Hollow Rd. We then followed this for 1.9 miles to the river, crossing it at the Covered Bridge. Immediately on the other side we turned right on Brook Rd and drove up the river (this road appears to start at Joe's Brook Rd before crossing the river 7 miles prior on the shuttle). Follow Brook Rd for 1.3 miles to the 4 way intersection. We parked on the far side of the bridge, but put-in on the river left.

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