A Wet State
A Wet State - A Guide to Whitewater Kayaking

A Wet State

A Guide to Whitewater Kayaking

This site was developed originally from the desire to record my experiences of the river and to have it as a reference tool for myself. Then one day while doing my graduate research, I got bored and began this little project. Forgive how basic the coding is but this is my first experience with HTML. While excusing me, also excuse any typos, I will gradually correct them all I am sure.

There are other sites out there like this one, however, perhaps people will like a second perspective, or video to go along with the run descriptions. On that note, if anyone has any pictures of rapids which I do not have pictures of and wouldnt mind sharing them, feel free to email me the pictures or video at oldcore14@hotmail.com and I will get them up. Also, I would like to thank Diane Gaydos for contributing many photos for this site, thanks.

Now for a disclaimer; I by no means want anyone to take anything on this site as anything more that my impressions and my lines on a given day, or two, or three. Some of the runs I have only run once and therefore there may be some errors of rapid orders. Please use this only as a tool to familiarize yourself with a run before leaving to go run it. Always use your own judgement when running a river, scout when necessary and portage when necessary.

With all that said, I will hopefully see you all on the river some day, enjoy the site, and happy boating.

-Daniel Brasuell


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