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Printer Friendly West Branch of the Deerfield River

West Branch of the Deerfield River

Stretch: Heartwellville to Readsboro Village
Difficulty: Class IV to V
Distance: 3.5 miles
Flows: Correlation to the Walloomsac River. 2.0 is low and 4.0 is high (3.25 seemed medium). Visit the flow page
Gradient: 188 fpm from First Bridge at The Wall to the Bridge at Low Chair (154 fpm average total)
Put-in: Bridge at Howe Pond Rd
Take-out: Downstream of Reedsboro, VT
Shuttle: 3.5 miles (10 minutes one way)
Season: Spring from rain and snow melt. Occasionally off of thunderstorms.
Written: © 2015
Featured in A Wet State #99, in A Wet State's contribution to World Kayak's Video Guide, and John Moore's rapid-by-rapid video

Mi 0.0 Mi 0.85: Mi 1.0: Mi 1.55: Mi 1.8: Mi 2.6: Mi 2.8: Mi 3.0:

For more details on the run, see the AW write-up...

Take-out: Get to the town of Readsboro Vt in southern VT, just across from the Massachusetts border. On VT-100, take the first road north-west of the bridge over the Deerfield. This is Tunnel St, follow it downriver for 0.7 miles. Park across from the last house on the right.

Put-in: Go back to VT-100 and turn left. Follow it for 2.8 miles to a a pull out just before a road between an old barn and a house. Park at the pull-out and walk down the road to the bridge to put-in. The walk is only 100 feet or so.

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