A Wet State
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Stretch: Rondane National Park to the Waterfalls
Difficulty: Class IV to V (harder higher, the last waterfalls are only runnable at medium or lower flows)
Distance: 2.9 miles (or park and huck)
Flows: 5-10 cms
Gradient: 229 fpm average
Put-in: Footbridge over the river in the Rondane National Park (has a 20 kr toll)
Take-out: After the third waterfall
Shuttle: 3 miles (5 minutes one-way) plus a half mile hike out on private road
Season: May to July
Written: © 2015
Featured in A Wet State #103, this video of ALL the falls by Matze Brustmann, the First D shot of Matze on "his" drop and in A Wet State's contribution to World Kayak's Video Guide

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