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Jordan River

Stretch: Rapids #1 to #6
Difficulty: Class IV+ to V
Distance: 2.3 miles
Flows: ~500 cfs to 1,500 cfs (no gauge, "Revelstoke Whitewater" facebook group is a good place to inquire). Also, in the picture linked in the take-out description, there is a hole that is 10 feet down river from where the tree stop on the island. That is the gauge rock. If it is a hole, it is high, if it is a small feature it is medium, and if it is just splashing over it it is low
Gradient: 167 fpm average From #1-#6
Put-in: Side of the dirt road
Take-out: Bridge on Jordan Mainline
Shuttle: 4.5 km, less than 10 minutes one way
Season: Summer from snowmelt (typically too high during peak snowmelt)
Written: © 2018
Featured in A Wet State #141

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