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Printer Friendly Austbygdåi (California Section)

Austbygdåi (California Section)

Stretch: Wooden Bridge to the lake.
Difficulty: Class IV+ to V (some V+ depending on flow)
Distance: 5.2 miles
Flows: 15-30 cms (more portaging over 20 cms). Check the current online gauge: here.
Gradient: 152 fpm average (sections well over 200)
Put-in: Wooden Bridge 1 km below Spånemfossen Falls
Take-out: At Rd 364 at the lake.
Shuttle: 8.0 miles (10 minutes one-way)
Season: April to June
Written: © 2015
Featured in A Wet State #101 and in A Wet State's contribution to World Kayak's Video Guide

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