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Printer Friendly West Branch of the Pleasant River (Gulf Hagas)

West Branch of the Pleasant River (Gulf Hagas)

Stretch: Katahdin Iron Works Rd to Appalachian Trail Access
Difficulty: Class V
Distance: 4.65 miles
Flows: 0" to 8" for normal levels. Down to -3" for ELF and up to +19" for high. Gauged based on water height relatively to the concrete step at the base of the put-in bridge.
Gradient: 104 fpm average (185 fpm from mile 1.35 to mile 2.9)
Put-in: Katahdin Iron Works Rd
Take-out: Appalachian Trail Access
Shuttle: 5.4 miles +0.4 miles walking, (10 minutes one-way, some muddy and rutted, a highlander would be enough, a minivan may not be in spring)
Season: Spring off snowmelt, summer and fall off of rain. Holds well due to marshy headwaters.
Written: © 2021
Featured in Video A Wet State #158 and Mike Mcvay's High water video

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