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Printer Friendly Tellico River (Upper Upper)

Tellico River (Upper Upper)

Stretch: Fish Hatchery to Bridge above Bald River
Difficulty: Class II to III- (IV-)
Distance: 7.15 miles
Flows: Look for Tellico to be 3'+ (The big rapids were perfect at 4.2'). USGS's Tellico gauge.
Gradient: 83 fpm average (the steep section is 216 fpm for 0.25 miles)
Put-in: Fish Hatchery
Take-out: Bridge on River Rd, normal "Upper AKA Ledges" Put-in
Shuttle: 7.3 miles, (15 minutes one-way)
Season: Fall, Winter, and Spring from rain
Written: © 2019
Featured in A Wet State #150

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