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Printer Friendly Santeetlah Creek (Upper)

Santeetlah Creek (Upper)

Stretch: FR 81c Bridge to Forest Service Gate
Difficulty: Class V
Distance: 3.2 miles
Flows: 2" below cement slab to 4 inches above (we have 6-8" above and it was very high but doable if you knew it). Look for 2+ inches of rain in the previous 12 hours. It drops very fast.
Gradient: 362 fpm average.
Put-in: Bridge on FR 81c
Take-out: Campground A14 or A15 at high flow is the end of the hardest stuff. A14 offers easy access. Normally people break the Upper and Lower up based on the gate (at mile 2.5 from put-in) that is near A17. However, downstream was still class V at our level.
Shuttle: 3.2 miles if the gates are open.
Season: Winter/Spring from rain
Written: © 2018

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