A Wet State
Printer Friendly Rio Puesco (Upper)

Rio Puesco (Upper)

Stretch: Above Tres Troncos to the Bridge
Difficulty: Class V
Distance: 1.6 mile (additional 3.8 mi possible)
Flows: ~500 to ~1,500 cfs
Gradient: 246 fpm average / max 267 fpm (Top). 169 fpm average (bottom)
Put-in: Above Curarrehue, Bridge over the Puesco
Take-out: Side Bridge Downriver
Shuttle: 1.6 miles, 2 minutes (or 5.5 miles, 5 minutes)
Season: I know people run it in November high, and we still had plenty of water in late December.
Written: © 2011
Featured in Video #36, Chile 2010 Installment Four

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