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Printer Friendly Nantahala River (Cascades)

Nantahala River (Cascades)

Stretch: Old River Rd to Bridge on Wahay Rd
Difficulty: Class IV to V
Distance: 0.25 to 0.85 miles
Flows: 250-~1,000. (400 felt optimum, 300 felt rather boney). Current USGS gauge which you need to subtrack ~600. Endless River Adventures also posts the release schedule here
Gradient: 214 fpm for 0.55 miles, then 146 fpm
Put-in: Access at Old River Rd, or as you hike laps at Horns of God
Take-out: Just below Chinese Feet if you hike your laps, or below at the bridge access
Shuttle: 0.25 miles (5 minute hike) or 0.5 miles with car.
Season: Fall/Winter/Spring (rain) and dam releases during the summer
Written: © 2014
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