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Printer Friendly Meadow River (Middle)

Meadow River (Middle)

Stretch: Nallen to US-19
Difficulty: Class III to III+
Distance: 7.15 miles
Flows: 600 to ?,000 cfs. Visit the American Whitewater flow page
Gradient: 39 fpm average (58 fpm for the 1.8 miles of rapids)
Put-in: Bridge on WV-41 in Nellan
Take-out: At US-19 Bridge
Shuttle: 14.0 miles (20 minutes one-way). You can trim 6 miles and 7-10 minutes off of the shuttle with one illegal turn.
Season: Winter and Spring, rain (and occasionally off of thunderstorms)
Written: © 2016

Mi 0 Mi 1.7: Mi 1.9: Mi 2.0: Mi 2.4: Mi 2.9: Mi 3.1: Mi 4.5: Mi 6.5:

For more details on the run, see the AW write-up...

Take-out: 11.9 miles north on US19 of Fayetteville, you will cross the Meadow River. Take a U-turn at the turn just past the bridge. Park on the shoulder of the freeway just before the bridge.

Put-in: How you get turned around to head the opposite way is up to you... there is a spot for an illegal U-turn just before the bridge. Or you have to go 3 miles to the first legal spot to turn around. Go towards Summersville 1.4 miles on US-19 before turning right onto Mt Lookout Rd. Follow this for 2.1 miles to a sharp right turn onto WV-41. Follow this for 4.4 miles to the bridge. Park just past the Post Office on the left.

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