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Linville River (Gorge)

Stretch: Pine Gap Trail to Conley Cove Trail
Difficulty: Class V
Distance: 6.75 miles (Pine Gap to Conley Cove Trail Access)
Flows: 1.9-3.0 ft. Check out American Whitewater's current flow gauge
Gradient: Babel Gorge (Mi 2.9-3.9) 155 fpm
Bob Ross Gorge (Mi 3.9-5.3) 259 fpm
Cathedral Gorge (Mi 5.9-6.5) 271 fpm
Overall, 159 fpm average
Put-in: Pine Gap Trail
Take-out: Conley Cove Trail
Shuttle: 14.2 miles. 30 minutes one way. Mostly on good dirt.
Season: Fall to Spring from rain, runs often and occasionally in Spring
Written: © 2018
Featured in Video A Wet State #144 and John Moore's 4 part video guides Pine Gap to Babel Tower, Babel Tower to Jailhouse, Jailhouse to Conley Cove, and Conley Cove to Lake James

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