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Printer Friendly Emory River (Oakdale to Clifty Creek)

Emory River (Oakdale to Clifty Creek)

Stretch: Mud Creek to Clifty Creek
Difficulty: Class I
Distance: 3.8 miles
Flows: 450 cfs to 1?,000 (obviously would get a little tougher higher). USGS Emory River at Oakdale gauge
Gradient: 10 fpm average (0 fpm/lake after mile 2.0)
Put-in: Beach at the mouth of Mud Creek, off of Camp Austin Rd in Oakdale
Take-out: Beach at confluence with Clifty Creek on Clifty Creek Rd
Shuttle: 4.7 miles, (10 minutes one-way)
Season: Fall to Spring, Rain fed (occasional summer off of large storms)
Written: © 2021

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