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Crooked Fork

Stretch: Highway 27 to Camp Austin
Difficulty: Class IV to IV+ (2x V-)
Distance: 6.3 miles (+2.0 on the Emory)
Flows: ~4' to 8' (4.8' felt pretty optimal to me) The gauge is on the downstream side of the put-in bridge. It doesn't take a lot of rain to get it going, 1.5 inches, and it holds for a day or two.
Gradient: 80.4 fpm average (not including the flat 1.35 mi paddle in nor the 2.0 on the Emory at the end)
Put-in: Highway 27
Take-out: Camp Austin Rd on the Emory
Shuttle: 14.6 miles (35 minutes one-way) – There is a hike option people use to one-car shuttle it, the hike apparently takes ~45 minutes
Season: Winter/Spring from rain...
Written: © 2015
Featured in A Wet State #103, A Wet State #126, and A Wet State #136

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