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Printer Friendly Cane Creek (Fall Creek Falls State Park)

Cane Creek (Fall Creek Falls State Park)

Stretch: Cane Creek Falls to Highway 30
Difficulty: Class IV to V
Distance: 7.25 miles
Flows: ~0" to 12" (I have heard folks run it to 1.5' but that would be really big and class V for sure, similarly, I have heard folks run it down to -6" but damn that would be low... I can't imagine it is good that low). We had 0.75" of rain in the past 20 hrs with plenty of recent rain to keep the caves full. In the past, the Calfkiller gauge was used as an estimate, but it appears to have been offline for the past year.
Gradient: 205 fpm for 1.3 miles and then 51 fpm for 6 miles.
Put-in: Cable Trail access to the bottom of Cane Creek Falls
Take-out: Highway 30 bridge access
Shuttle: 9.4 miles (15 minutes one-way)
Season: Winter/Spring from rain (after aquafers fill)
Written: © 2018
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