A Wet State
Printer Friendly Big Creek (Upper)

Big Creek (Upper)

Stretch: Hike-up above NPS Campground
Difficulty: Class IV to V
Distance: 2.6 miles (+/-)
Flows: 2.3 to ~3.5 (Boating Beta predicted 2.0 and we had 2.5 at the surge tip). BoatingBeta.coms flow page.
Gradient: 278 fpm for 1.8 miles then 198 fpm
Put-in: When you get tired... Most hike to the bridge over the creek
Take-out: NPS Picnic Area
Shuttle: 2.3 miles (+/-) all hiking!
Season: Winter and Spring, Rain and (with occasional runs in Summer and Fall when storms permit)
Written: © 2015

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