A Wet State
CaliProduct Videos:

CaliProduct Videos:

I am super pleased to provide a place to store these videos for Charlie Center and the rest of the CaliProduct guys. These videos provided inspiration for me as a new paddler and motivated me to explore more and more rivers. Caliproduct posted most of these videos in the years before YouTube provided free video hosting, and as such, low quality versions were posted for streaming on the CaliProduct website itself. As the guys and their website have gone on to do new and great things, the videos had been lost for our (the general internet's) consumption. So I am really pleased that Charlie given me the OK to upload the videos, which I downloaded off their site years ago, for us to watch for years to come! Enjoy!

Link: Title: River Description (If Available):
Video Update III Miscellaneous shenanigans
Video Update IV Shirttail Creek, Dutch Creek, Greenwood Creek, & Pine Creek
Video Update IVb Bluff Creek, Pine Creek and miscellaneous shenanigans
Video Update V Oregon Hole Gorge (Smith River) at flood and miscellaneous shenanigans
Video Oregon Hole Gorge at Flood, full video Middle Smith (Oregon Hole Gorge)
Video Update VI Rock Creek, Webber Creek, Manns Creek (WV), Cosumnes River
Video Rush Sturges - Hail Mary Mauria Falls (NZ)
Video Update VIIa Weber Creek & Traverse Creek
Video Update VIIb Brandy Creek, Mill Creek, Salmon River (Oak Bottom), & North Fork of the Mad River
Video Spring Break '05 Crystal Falls & West Branch of the Feather (Ben & Jerry's)
Video Update VIIIa Upper Middle Cosumnes & Upper Brush Creek
Video Update VIIIb North Fork of Willow Creek & South Fork of the American (Golden Gate)
Video Update IX North Fork of the American (Royal Gorge), Pyramid Creek, South Fork of the Yuba (East meets West), & Silver Fork of the American (Lower)
Video Update Xa Middle Fork of the Kings
Video Update Xb Dinkey Creek (Waterfalls)
Video Update XIa North Fork of the Stanislaus (Hell's Kitchen)
Video Fantasy Falls North Mokelumne (Fantasy Falls)
Video Update XII Fordyce Creek & South Fork Feather (Lower AKA Triumph Gorge)
Video Update XIIIa Pitt Falls, Cosumnes (Middle), Brandy Creek Falls, & McCloud River Falls
Video Update XIIIb New Zealand
Video Update XIIIc New Zealand
Video Update XIVa Brazil
Video Update XIVb Madagascar
Video Update XVa Rubicon (Lower), Middle American (End of the World), Big Kimshew, Middle Cosumnes (Upper)
Video Update XVb Deer Creek (Upper and Lower), Etna Summit Creek, East Fork Trinity, and Mumba Creek
Video Update XVc Salmon Fest '06 - Salmon River (Nordheimer) and Crapo Creek
Video Burnt Ranch 5500 Trinity (Burnt Ranch)
Video Update XVIa Brazil Part 2
Video Update XVIb 5 Lakes Creek
Video Update XVIc North American (Royal Gorge)
Video CaliFest '06 Trinity (Burnt Ranch)
Video Cherry Update Cherry and West Cherry
Video Fun With Paul Misc
Video Rafting Steinacher Steinacher Creek
Video Hayfork and Willow Willow Creek and Hayfork Creek