A Wet State
How Not to Park a Car...

How Not to Park a Car...

On February 23, our shuttle driver had an accident and our car ended up in the river at the Take-out of Chamberlain Falls run on the North Fork of the American. Luckily no one was hurt and the only losses were of a monetary nature. Below are some photos from the recovery day a week later.

We would also like to extend a thank you to the State Parks and Recreation Department, The Placer County Dive Team, DART (Drowning Accident Rescue Team), along with Kenny and his tow crew.

Below is a short video of the days happenings as well as some photos. All the photos were taken by Diane Gaydos, the car's owner.


Debris on the Rocks

Path of Destruction

Parking Spot

Busy day at Take-out

Some of the crew

DART Divers

Diver away

The tow line was long

Releasing air

Placer Diver chasing our gear...thanks

Bottoms up

First Breath in a week

The dragging begins

Its amphibious landing path

Waiting for stage 2

My wallet was saved

The final hill

Top side damage

Long way up

Cresting the top

On the road again

E-brake was off so it seems

Hondas are good... but it still didnt start right up